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Strategies and tactics to build your business profitably by expanding relationships with current clients.

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“MASTER STRATEGY’s expertise in strengthening customer relationships matches our need to provide clients the best service possible.”—CEO, Non-profit healthcare agency

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Cross-Selling Strategy

Cross-selling may lack some of the excitement of landing a new client, but bottom line, it’s more profitable.

What percentage of business development resources (time, materials, budget) does your company devote to marketing strategies that build customer relationships vs. landing new clients?

As a general rule, it’s quicker, easier, and less costly to cross-sell to existing clients than it is to gain new ones. It’s easy to see why: trust, confidence, knowledge of the client, and a good working relationship have already been established. This makes it easier to communicate, win additional business, and deliver it. (And if your company excels at cross-selling, you’ll increase the value of every new client you gain.)

To build customer relationships and grow profitably, design and implement B2B, B2C, and B2G marketing strategies that specifically target your current clients —both listening and responding to their further needs.

10 Great Ways to Build Customer Relationships by Listening to Your Clients. Click here.
  1. Design a structured, ongoing program to monitor, analyze, and address what your clients want and how their needs are evolving
  2. Hold post-project debriefings—your team reviews all aspects with the client
  3. Conduct routine surveys/questionnaires
  4. Host informal discussion groups with clients and/or create an online private community
  5. Schedule client presentations—ask clients to present to your team about their company/industry
  6. Facilitate user groups—gain feedback from clients who use a specific service/product
  7. Senior management outreach—your executive visits the client and hosts them for lunch/dinner
  8. Attend industry meetings with clients
  9. Encourage comments and suggestions on your blogs, web sites, and social media
  10. Invite clients to write “guest blog” entries

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